How to Effectively use the Repository and Query Object of Extbase?

Extbase[1] supports very well the idea of Domain-Driven Design[2]. It supplies a Repository class to comfortably fetch your objects from. Some handy methods are already implemented. Let’s have a look at some example code. $blog … Weiterlesen →

Startuplektüre – Leseempfehlungen der intelligentesten Gründer

Die Seite sammelt Buch- und Leseempfehlungen, mit den deutschen Titeln, der schlausten und bekanntesten Köpfe des Start-Up-Szene und alten Hasen der IT Branche wie Bill Gates und Steve Jobs. Denn hinter all den innovativen Ideen, … Weiterlesen →

User Interfaces and Unittesting with the QUnit framework and jQuery

Just a while ago I checked out QUnit. I fiddled around with it, wrote some simple tests and I thought, this could be very useful. When writing code you always add some new features into existing functionality and that’s where the errors and regres… Weiterlesen →

Developer Shame Day

Was ich da gemacht hab weiss ich auch nicht mehr so genau, hat aber wohl einen Grund gehabt. Weiterlesen →

Sticky scrolling shoppingcart with jQuery

This is a little jQuery snippet for a sticky scrolling shoppingcart like the one Apple uses at the Apple Onlinestore: Demo: jQu… Weiterlesen →